Tuesday, January 12, 2016

New (to me) Authors of 2015

One of the most enjoyable things about reading is discovering new authors. In the past my goal was to read at least 100 books (mainly novels) each year. I rarely made that goal. Nowadays my goal is to read at least 50. A lot of that has to do with my poor eyesight. In 2015 I read only 45 books and out of those only three were new authors to me. But I considered their books to be outstanding and I wanted to share my thoughts about them.

They are not necessarily new authors just coming out. I simply had never encountered their books before. The following is not a list beginning with the best of the three but the order in which I read these books. I find new books that are recommended by Amazon Kindle Daily Specials or offered as specials by sites such as Bargain Booksy or posted on the Facebook site Saturday Self Promotion Extravaganza for Suspense/Thriller Writers. And one was given to me. But I loved each one.

1. Secrets in the Fairy Chimney by Linda Maria Frank. I loved this book so much I gave it a score of A++!!! It's a wonderful romantic, suspenseful tale of a dig near Istanbul, Turkey. The heroine and her soon-to-be fiancé become involved with evil smugglers who have stolen artifacts from Iraq. Two precocious children, a brother and sister, are involved also. This is my favorite kind of novel--danger, intrigue, romance and an archaeological dig!

2. Cinders' Bride by Kathleen Ball. This is a romance novel, Book One in the series Mail Order Brides of Texas. This novel was a welcome change from all the murder and mayhem type books I usually read. However, there is violence, which appeared in the beginning of the book. The heroine goes to Texas as a mail order bride and is stunned (to say the least) that the man who bought her was not the rancher she thought he was. But a good-hearted rancher does come to her rescue. The research for this book was very impressive. 

3. Spider Woman's Daughter by Anne Hillerman who continues the series started by her father Tony Hillerman (one of my all-time favorite authors). This is a Chee and Leaphorn mystery with Bernadette (Bernie) now married to Jim Chee. It begins when Bernie and Joe Leaphorn leave a café and he is shot. From there begins a search by Bernie and Chee for the person who shot him. The journey takes them through Indian country from Shiprock to Santa Fe. The climactic scene is one of the most terrifying I've ever read but Bernie overcomes all odds. It felt wonderful to be back in the world that the author's father created. 

It's a wonderful feeling to discover new authors and know that there are many of their books waiting for me to read.